Last Will and Testament


     According to a RocketLawyer.com poll, the following groups of Americans do not have an Estate Plan or a Will:

  • 60% of all Americans;
  • 50% of Americans with children;
  • 41% of Baby Boomers between the ages 55 and 64; and
  • 92% of Americans under the age of 30.

     When discussing Estate Planning with friends and family, it seems that most fail to take action due to procrastination, lack of time, and/or fear of cost.  The Law Office of Christopher T. Denelle, LLC can assist you with reaching your Estate Planning goals in a cost-effective manner.  We understand that finding time to meet may be difficult given hectic work hours and other commitments.  With this in mind, we are willing to meet with you at a time and place that is convenient for you.

      Not having a Will and/or Estate Plan in place is putting your family’s future at risk.  Passing away without a Will  (dying “intestate”) means that your assets will be distributed according to state statute and that the Court will decide who will take care of your children.  That’s right, your Will determines much more than who will take your traditional assets.  Your Will determines who will have custody of your children.  Without being instructed otherwise, the state will step in and hand custody over to a blood relative of whom you may not approve.  Or, even worse, without a clear plan in place, your relatives may engage in a long, expensive legal battle over custody of your children without a clear plan/directive in place.

     Beyond having a Will prepared, your Estate Plan should include information concerning your health care treatment and financial decision-making should you become incapacitated.  Without a Healthcare Power of Attorney (“Living Will”) and a Durable Power of Attorney, your medical and financial decision-making will be in flux should anything unexpected happen to you.  Having an Estate Plan allows you to proactively address these issues, have your desires carried out, and preempts any potential family arguments concerning your care before it is too late.

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